5 Reasons Why Every Writer Needs a Cat

Hi all! I just finished the first draft of my first novel. I decided to celebrate by posting for the first time in months. 

A lot has happened since my last post. I got married back in February and a month later, in March, my new husband and I adopted a kitten. She’s a Tortie Point Siamese that we named Punzel. We’ve only had her for a month, but we already love her to death. 

I hope you’re all doing okay during the current crisis. It is not a happy circumstance, but it has granted my husband and I a lot of time to bond with our new kitten. 

During the short time we’ve had her, she has already taught me so much. Because she is super curious and is basically a two year old who puts everything in her mouth, I have learned to be a lot neater. I don’t leave random pieces of thread or paper on the ground because she will stick it in her mouth. I could list all of the things that she’s already taught me, but I’ll save that for another post.

I’ve spent the last month devoting more time than ever to writing my first novel. Punzel has surprisingly been a big help getting me through it. So, here are five reasons why every writer needs a cat:

1. Cats provide stress relief

There have been many tests on how having a cat can lower your blood pressure and all that stuff, so this wasn’t a shock for me. However, there isn’t much that is more relaxing than feeling that soft fur beneath your fingertips and immediately getting a rattling purr as a reward. Writing can be pretty stressful, especially when you are trying to meet deadlines or are suffering from writer’s block. There have also been studies that support that cats can sense when you are stressed or sick and will come over to comfort you. Punzel seems to have this gift, because she always seems to crawl under my desk to rub against my legs when I’m stressed out. 

2. Cats remind you to be active

Cats are generally low-maintenance. They don’t need to be let out like dogs, and they can be left home alone for several hours. They still do have some needs. If they can see even a tiny portion of the bottom of their bowls, they will verbally let you know. If it’s been a few hours since their last pet, they’ll be sure to alert you of that as well. And kittens in particular, require quite a bit of playtime. I stand from my desk several times a day to move the food around in Punzel’s dish or add more if she needs it. I also play with her several times a day and pet her. It’s a good thing, definitely. When I do little tasks for her, I make sure to take the time to stretch and get a drink of water. Without her, I’d probably sit a lot more than I do now. 

3. Cats give you reason to stay inside and write

I love Punzel so much already. She makes me want to stay home all the time, even before the stay-at-home order was placed here in California. When I come home, she is meowing happily and trotting up to me, clearly happy to see me. It’s such a simple thing, but produces a great feeling. When my husband and I are out running errands or something, we are both eager to return home to her. Because of this, I feel like I have more of a reason to be home. And when I’m home, my writing projects are always begging to be worked on.

4. Cats are quiet, even though mine isn’t

Punzel is a Siamese kitten, which is considered to be one of the most vocal cat breeds. They try to talk to you no matter what they’re doing. When Punzel is playing by herself, she is making chirping sounds. When she wakes up and realizes that she’s in a room by herself, she’ll cry all the way across the small apartment until she finds me. When she’s awake, she’s really chatty. Fortunately for me, cats sleep anywhere from 12-16 hours, and kittens even more than that. I can use the various cat naps she takes throughout the day to write. She purrs in her sleep, which serves as pleasant background noise while I type away at my desk. 

5. Cats are good companions

I’ve already gone over a few reasons for why this is true. Cats are generally low-maintenance, they’re quiet, and they relieve stress. Punzel has been the sweetest little companion. She always wants to be near me, and I want to be near her! She puts me in a great mood, which is important if I’m going to be writing for several hours each day. 

This was really just an excuse to gush about how much I love my new kitty, but it’s really true that she has enhanced my writing career in so many ways as well! If you’re a writer and don’t have a kitty of your own, I highly recommend getting one of these silly, loveable, slightly annoying floofballs. You’ll be a happier, more productive writer! 

Happy writing!

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